“My passion and love of good tasting food” by Polixeni G.

25 09 2008


My fondest childhood memories are of me assisting my mother in the kitchen making a home-cooked meal.  I was raised to believe that food is the expression of love and happiness to a family’s heart.  With each family celebration came the hard work and dedication in every course of our family meal.

My mother’s passion and dedication in the kitchen intrigued me in wanting to broaden my knowledge in learning the proper skills of perfection to my own meals.  I was fortunate to be raised in the restaurant and hospitality industry started by my father before I was even born.  My father’s passion for good food and service came naturally, considering that my father never attended one day of culinary school.  While starting as a busboy, my father worked his way through the kitchen into the success of his own family business.  As you can imagine, my father was thrilled that I would be following his footsteps by choosing to attend culinary arts school.  What I have learned in the past year of culinary arts is much more than the preparation of a good meal.  My knowledge and skill will assist me in continuing to improve a generation of love and passion for food. 




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