The true passion for food Martin Artis

24 09 2008

 As a culinary professional, it has come to my attention that there are many people within our industry that lack a passion for what they do, and a true love for food. When I began to think about this issue, I found it hard to understand. “How can a person be in a  situation they do not like, and continue to do so?” Is it a lack of options, or a loss of passion for food? Within this blog we will ask and hopefully answer that very question.

    When trying to answer this question, I investigated and asked many great chefs, including President Lloyd Kirsch, the president of our Culinary School. The main answer that I have discovered is that many lose their passion as time passes. This is not always true in all cases of disdain with our industry, however it is prevalent in most. Passion is something that comes from within a person, and it is very hard to define how it is started. People tend to do things they love to do. Abraham Maslow, a well known psychologist for his theory of the Hierarchy of Needs, once wrote of such things, he stated, ” If a writer must write, and a painter must paint to find true happiness, then a man must be what he must be.”  If this were completely true, people would not ever completely lose their passion for their career choice.

 I feel that their are many forces that tend to play a part in how a person feels about their life, and the choices that they make. In the culinary industry, the work and hours are more than often long, and sometimes the rewards monetarily little. However, I feel that the rewards should be sought after in other places than just money. It is the appreciation that a guest has for the quality of your food and service, that are truthfully priceless. This is just the first step to keeping a passion for food.

Second, culinary professionals should take a look at where there career is going. If passion cannot be maintained, then it is probably best that a person seeks another career path. It is the true passion and love for serving others that keeps this industry going, not the money that is made, or the presentation of food that is served. It is through this passion that many seek to take the long journey, and embark on a culinary career, not always knowing that the path may be long, and the surface a little rough. As a future culinary professional, it is my advice for a person seeking this career that they should study the field before making that large jump, for if passion is not there, fitting into this field may be the wrong decision.

 Concluding, passion is something that starts in the mind, and travels to every part of a being. People tend to loose this passion over time for what they do. This is a fact that we all may face, but hopefully we will have the grace to understand it. If there is no passion, there is no food.




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