Hospitality Is A Way Of Life By Nicholas Conley

24 09 2008

            My first interaction with the hospitality industry was when I was a freshman in high school. I took culinary two hours out of every day, to study the arts, and on many occasions cook and serve banquets and private parties. My whole life I have enjoyed working with people, and most of all being that person that makes their experience just that much better.

            When I was cooking at the Tapa’s bar back home, in Ketchikan Alaska. Most of the time I would just be back in the kitchen, but after the line was prepped and orders were served I would be asked to go out into the dinning room, and talk to the guest’s. Not only to see how the food was, but also to add to they’re overall dinning experience. People really enjoyed being able to ask questions, and see who was preparing the food. Also some nights I would bartend, and get a great deal of interaction with customers.

            I know that when I go out to eat I have a certain expectation, and when I am serving the public, I try to hold up to that expectation. People want to be treated with respect and they want good service, or at least I do.

            Today I teach Adult cooking classes at Sur La Table. This is another job were positive interaction with the public is essential. For 3 hours 5-6 dishes are prepared, cooked and eaten. People learn from dramatic experiences and generally don’t like to remember negative ones. So it is very important that they have a good time while they are learning the various techniques. I have really enjoyed working on this side of the industry, teaching classes that is. I cant express to you how it feels when, the class goes so perfect and the people are all smiling, and I can just feel all the positive energy that is created from having a great experience.




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