Eggplant and Caviar

24 09 2008

         Food is such a wonderful element of life. We eat to live, and some of us live to eat. I personally have a huge passion for culinary arts. I have always loved to experiment with food weather it be creating a new marinade for steak, coming up with a new sauce. When I was little my dad was always the one who made the awesome food, today it is me.

        I was born in a small town Ketchikan Alaska, right on the edge of an island on the southeast wing of Alaska. I cant say that there is a specific style of cooking, only that there is alot of infusion from the different cultures. But what I can say is that there is alot of really good and really fresh seafood. Good old Alaskan halibut cheeks sauteed in a brown butter, um um now that is food. Then there is the Norwegian influence, mainly over in Petersburg Ak. Ever heard of Ludafisk, or have you ever had Herring Eggs sauted in garlic and butter? I have, and I have to say that the Ludafisk is an experience on its own. Cod is marinated or cured for up to a year in lye, leaving the fish almost like a jelly. As for the herring roe, nothing special just fish eggs, that pop in your mouth, they are pretty good( if you like the taste of the ocean.

          These are some of the different things that have inspired me along the way. Ever since the dawn of man we have been creating new ways of preserving and preparing food. And as I continue on my culinary escapade, I will continue to explore and learn, the endless amount of knwledge that this world has to offer the culinarian.




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