New understanding. B.L.

23 09 2008

When I first knew that I would be serving in the cafe i was really scared. Almost shitless.  To be honest I had never been a server. My previous job history was watching kids and cooking.

Lets cut the bull, I didn’t think that Chataigne would really equip me to become a server over night. When I would dine out, or go anywhere that required service I would marvel and maze at these servers, knowing when I needed drinks refilled or how they always knew how to slove each and every problem that would arise.  I came to culinary school to cook. Not to serve.  However since my 2 weeks in the cafe i have come to appreciate so much more than the food, but the waitstaff.  The front of the house is responsible for so much more than just filling the water and bringing out the food.  As Mike says, the food is just one little part of the guest’s dining experince.  Spot on. As I embark on my culinary adventures and goals, I will be a more rounded diner, cook, and person because of the life experince that I have gained in the these last three weeks of CHIC.




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