Commited or Just Getting By? By: Lothar G

22 09 2008

     I typically don’t ever give advice to anyone unless ask but as my time at CHIC comes to an end I’m going to play my “wild card” which is maturity, and give advice whether solicited or not.

     My question to many of my fellow classmates would be; have you really been committed while attending CHIC or did you decide it was easier just to get by? Most of you have spent or will be spending somewhere around $43000.00 to complete your Associate in Applied Science in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts. What were your expectations for such a huge educational investment? Did you expect to attend classes at your leisure, expect to gain knowledge without effort, perhaps no homework, no class assignments, no practicals, no cleaning duties, no accountability? Did you expect to get through without ever opening a book in the library; do you even know how to find a book in the library? Do you know to what culinary periodicals the library subscribes or where you too busy keeping your “MySpace” account updated to be bothered?  Did you expect to have math, history, English, physiology and be required to pass them? What did you expect for that $43000.00, just a passing grade?

     I just spent the last several weeks sweating to obtain an externship. Gosh, I thought that was going to be an easy process after all, I’m on the “President’s List”. Let me tell you, it is not easy and if you were not committed to your studies while at CHIC and you “just got by” it’s going to be even more difficult to find that externship. Sure, some can go to work where you will be making $8.50/hr. and be happy however; once those student loan payments are due, your happiness will be short lived.

     Oh yes, back to giving advice. My advice to those finishing their CHIC experience or to those that are about to begin, make the absolute most out of your education, get every bit of knowledge you are paying for, excel at everything you do while at CHIC, ask questions if you don’t understand, obtain a tutor if you need one, complete your assignments on time, partner with people that excel and show up on a daily basis and most importantly communicate with your chefs and instructors and use their knowledge.

     For some, it’s too late. Hopefully others just entering CHIC will have an opportunity to read this blog. Don’t waste your opportunity to excel and if you are finishing school and you chose “just to get by”, make every moment of your externship and your future work a learning experience. As one of my favorite chefs would say in his class, “time is marching on”!    




One response

24 09 2008

I have to say I agree with Lothar. Even though I wasn’t the greatest student in the school, and I did so just enough to get by in most classes, I do wish that I would of got a lot more out of this experiance. If i had it all to do over again would I? I don’t know that is one of my most asked questions to myself. I think the answer would be no. I might have decided to go back to school, but if I would of thought about it more I really don’t think I would of chose this. Even though I decided in the middle of all this, this really is not what I want to do with the rest of my life, I still should of stayed commited. So let me say when you are deciding to go back to school for whatever the reason make sure you think long and hard about it because your going to be there for a while so make it worth it.
Courtnie M

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