Let me cater to you by Lady McBeath

21 09 2008

Since I was tall enough to reach the stove top in my great-grandmother’s kitchen; I have always been intrigued by cooking. As I became older it turned from intrigue to passion. While all of the other children in the household were outside playing and doing things that normal kids do. I was my great-grandma’s little chef’s assistant. I was astounded by the she put her touch to her infamous dishes. How could she know what ingredients to use for what dishes….when a measuring cup or spoon was not on hand in our kitchen. I asked so many questions. Until she finally explain to me that cooking is not a task. Its a feeling that you have from within.

I often say that I want to be a caterer. But now I know that I am a caterer. I started catering when I was a teenager. Various friends and family put in their request for whatever dish they desire. My question to them has always been how many people will be in attendance at this event. Once I get all of the technical things out of the way. Next is going into my zone. (which is the kitchen) That my place of solitude. I am at ease there. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see the face of a satisfied customer taking the first bite of a delectible dish.

In the near future please look forward to my catering service; Coming soon to a town near you.




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