TGI’s Distaster by…. Rob G.

6 09 2008

It was a night like any other night, the four of us were starving from a long day at the amusement park; across the street from our hotel was a TGI Fridays sitting on the lake.  This restaurant in particular was larger from the outside than in.  Three of my friends and I walked inside where the hostess was talking to a waitress, once she was done talking with her, she sat down and asked us how many covers we had.  Since there were no open seats inside the restaurant we decided to lounge on the patio outside which sat on the lake.  When we asked the young woman if there were any seats available outside she said, “I don’t know I haven’t been out there since an hour ago.”  So we went ahead and checked it out ourselves.  There were lots of empty seats outside which was weird because it was a warm night.  We took our seats and waited for our server to come greet us.  It wasn’t until 10 minutes later she came by and asked us what we would like to drink.  We told her and she left; about ten minutes later once again she comes back with our drinks but she carried them without a tray and her fingers were touching the rims of the plastic cups.  She set them down in front of my friend LUIS and let us pass them out to ourselves.  We took our sips and to which we thought was gonna be a cold glass of refreshingly carbonated soda was the opposite.  The pop was very warm and only had a few ice cubes floating on top; not only was the pop warm but it was also flat, that really made us mad.  She came back and took our food order and left right away.  She came back 5 min later and placed down the silver ware hard on the table and said, “Here.”  We still were able to not complain after all that because we were waiting for our food patiently and didn’t want to put too much on the waitress.  We ordered an appetizer, an appetizer is supposed to come before a meal and usually quick so it can stimulate your hunger.  Well, we waited and waited for twenty minutes and still nothing, we finally saw our waitress walking around and asked where our appetizer was and she said it is busy and it will be a few minutes.  We waited once again for 15 more minutes and decided to leave.  Our decision to walk out may not have been the best choice, but the service wasn’t the best at all either.  While being in the service class we were all taught to be kind to the customers, always serve the customers from the right with your right hand, make drinks properly and use a tray to bring and take back drinks, and check up on your table whenever there are questions.  The waitress did none of these things probably because she hasn’t taken a class on how to serve, that’s not my fault.  It was a bad experience but I would still go to TGI Fridays, just not that one.      




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