Private or Personal Chef….. r0b G.

6 09 2008

The culinary field or the restaurant industry is basically all I know.  I’ve been working at the Old Country Buffet for three years now and I’ve never said that I didn’t want to go in.  I’ve been exposed to all these classes and work experiences and loved every minute of it and that’s why I decided to go to a culinary school.  After our restaurant closed down, I was transferred to a new location where they took me as a cook.  Every Saturday and Sunday I make made to order omelets and then I prepare the next days food.  I’m really interested in becoming a private chef.  They need to have good social skills so they can interact with the family and get to know what kinds of food they enjoy.  They obviously need to know how to cook and they need to know what’s nutritional and what’s not.  If you don’t know the difference between a personal chef and a private chef well here it is; a private chef is someone who is dedicated to one family and cooks at least three meals a day for that family, a personal chef is one who has clients and cooks one meal for them based on requests of the clients.  The salary outlook for a personal or private chef is based on the location they are at and generally report to two hundred to five hundred dollars a day.  This field in the culinary arts is known to be hot because if you find the right family or clients the money can be good.  They’ve estimated that about 9,000 people work as a private or personal chef and they serve about 75,000 people.  A typical client that would hire one of these people usually have two income levels and some with or without children.  They are usually career focused individuals and usually with special dietary or health needs.  Personal chefs design and execute menus for their clients.  They plan, purchase, and prepare meals usually once a week for their clients either in their home or a professional kitchen.  There is an association called APPCA that focuses on personal and private chefs, they can be a big help to find you a personal chef or find clients for you as a personal or private chef.            





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19 09 2008
Personal Chef

I think you point out a distinction that many are not familiar with. You can hire either, but you need to know that there are differences in the service you will receive.

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