Fresh Herb Garden Jorge Castaneda

6 09 2008

Well, I decided to have my own fresh herb garden at home.  I went to a local farm to see what they had to offer and found a few nice plants. When I got home I had to see how to care for the plants and keep them looking good.

The first plant I have is a Basil plant. Basil is a low growing herb that is grown as a perinneial. Basil is native to tropical regions of Asia and has been cultivated for more then 5,000 years. This plant grows best in sunlight, and needs to be watered close to the dirt. The leaves and the stem dont agree with water. When cutting it is best to start at the top and pinch or cut the leaves off.

I also purchased a Chives plant.  Chives our actually the smallest species in the onion family. They are native to Asia, Europe, and North America.  Chives are one of the most used herbs in culinary. These plants require lots of sunlight, and need to be watered regularly. Allowing soil to dry before watering.

Thyme is another plant I have and requires full to very light shade. It prefers soil that is light and full drained. I thought it was neat that I read somewhere that Ancient Eygptians used thyme in their embalming process. Thyme is also a widely used herb and can be found in almost any cusine.

Another plant in my collection is the Parsley plant. This plant grows best in a deep pot, and needs at least five hours of sunlight a day. Parsley is also used in many cusines. One thing I found intresting was that pregnant women shouldnt use this as a oil, root, leaf, or seed because it can lead to pre-mature labor.

Well that was just a little detail about the many herbs I have. Everyone should consider having there own little garden, expecially if your a cook in your own kitchen at home.




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