be aware luis muniz

6 09 2008

Have your ever taken a look around and seen how may obese people you can locate in a daily basis? It is crazy to hear about how many obese people we have in the country trying to walk while gasping for air. Simply being overweight is not the same as being obese. In the food industry, it is all about competition. With the competition of fast food joints on every street corner of every block, fast food restaurants have no choice but to offer more for less money to attract more customers. That is not exactly such a good thing. Those kinds of restaurants offer bigger sizes of coke drinks which mean more calories and more sugar to our bodies. Families that are busy and low on cash rely on take-out food for family dinners. A person’s body that eats fast food on a regular basis and does not exercise will eventually begin to gain weight drastically. Obesity is becoming such a dangerous lifestyle in our society and it is critical that people know and learn about the dangers and seriousness of fast food joints. Restaurants like this are very good a targeting to a specific audience, those being children. Major companies spend a lot of money in advertising their product to children. For example, McDonalds uses the oh-so-famous Ronald McDonald clown, the perfect icon to target the young crowd. Don’t let this happen to you!!!! I’m tired of McDonalds on every corner of each city block. Fast food becomes an everyday thing for many people. Then, before they know it, they have put on an extra 5…10…or even 15 pounds more in a couple of weeks. This is a terrible plague that has taken over Americans of all ages. We as logical human beings should be smart and strong enough to stay away from dangerous fast foods. Our health is at risk, and we must change our ways. People lets be more aware about this and before you decide to stop by mcdonalds ask yourself…. What would luis do? Here’s the answer, not go in it! Go subway and eat fresh! :O




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