Thank You All…… Jorge C.

5 09 2008

I never though that, after high school, I would ever go back to school, for anything. I wasn’t really a “problem child” but i was one of the kids that was just happy to have made it through 12 years of school, and never have to look back. Or so i thought. I started to work at the age of fifteen, when minimum wage was only 4.50. i was making 7.00 and thought i was on top of the world….. boy was i wrong! As I was growing up, people always told me that as i got older i would gain more responsibilities. I always heard them saying this but I also remember always saying to myself “who are they to tell me”. Well now that I have grown up and am an adult and a parent I see exactly what they were talking about. I worked at plenty of jobs but at  everyone of them I always had the feeling that I wasn’t going anywhere. In 2005 we had our first kid, and as if I didn’t have enough to think about, I only got more to think about.  Well I decided that I wanted to be the best father a kid can have and I kind of became a “stay at home daddy”. Well when she got pregnant with our second kid things got even rougher than they already were. After our second child was born i thought to myself and figured out that being the best dad in the world didn’t necessarily mean staying at home with them. I figured out that maybe being the best dad was working for your family. I then decided to pursue something that Ireally liked. There’s an old saying that says “if you do something you love to do, you will never have to work again”. I could see where they were coming from with that. At that point I decided to come here to CHIC. Ireally love to eat and cook and want to start a career as opposed to a job. I did it and eve on my first day here at CHIC I remember still asking myself “what are you doing? Where are you?” even until today i still do it. The difference is that when I first started school i was nervous or maybe even scared, now when i ask myself this, it’s because i can’t believe that i am this far into the program and yet this much closer to starting a career that will hopefully keep us financially stable and that will put my kids through the best education within my reach. With the help of the instructors here at CHIC and my AWESOME classmates I have come this far and I feel like i couldn’t have done it without them. When the day comes for me to start my own business and if any of them need somewhere to work they can be sure that they will have a job with me!




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