My Very First Time by Naomi D.

5 09 2008


            As I entered through the big glass door of the restaurant ZED 451 I realized that had finally arrived or at least I believed that I had. This was my very first time working in a professional kitchen. The only kitchen I was really familiar with was my mother and when I took up cooking in high school. I have to say that I was quite excited, I found myself working at the pastry station, plating pastries and what not.

 Even though I’m more into the culinary aspect rather than the baking. I really didn’t mind because I still got to see what goes on in the back of the house. The funny part about it thought is that it’s not that hard, It’s almost like a child’s first day at school, their really nervous about it, but once they get their they start to relax and blend with it all. Now I do have to say it took a couple of days for me to blend in, but I think I meshed pretty well. I also have to agree with everyone when they say there’s nothing like your first time…..LOL!






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