My Secret……by Kelsey S

5 09 2008

            I love food….. My biggest problem is I am getting older and there are certain foods I need to watch because I find myself gaining weight. I have been trying to eat healthier such as eating more fruits and vegetables. I have a secret for everyone that is reading this. The best diet in the world is to just watching your calorie intake of what you eat everyday. I stay with in the same calories everyday and eat much smaller portions. My family is all on this diet. My older brother lost 60 pounds just from eating fewer calories. My mother lost about 40 and my father lost about 30. Just read all calories on food labels, record what you eat throughout the day, and just try not to go over the certain about of calories. Just don’t 2000 calories in one sitting. Spread it out throughout the whole day. It basically means snacking all day. Because if you stuff yourself you going to gain weight. Eat smaller portions because it gives your body time to digest and intake the nutrients. So that’s my little secret. That’s all it takes.




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