How my Mind Works: Culinary Edition Adam W.

5 09 2008

As much as they say the customer is always right, how come the customer is also a big irate bag of rocks?  I understand if say the employee was ignoring you, you came to this cafe to enjoy a nice “grande” (jerk) iced skim soy sugar-free almond double shot latte, not stare as somebody talking to the food girl.  But, perhaps trying a real drink would put you in a better mood.  It would be the trend that people who don’t order a regular latte haven’t and will never have one.  Sweet is good and I agree, but all those man hours put into your pull of espresso are all for not.  Pouring sweeteners and cutting corners with skim milk only ruins the natural ambrosian quality.  These beans have been painstakingly handpicked and harvested from delicate coffee cherries.  It could take anywhere from one to two hour of picking to enough for one single cup of coffee, so you can only imagine the work that goes into the Starbucks coffee carousel .  God bless these men and women for the earthly brotherliness that results from their hard work.  These raw beans are picked up by whole salers or independent companies, such as Intelligenia, and roasted carefully by roast masters.  Their job in to ensure that the bean in properly roasted to get the type of flavor and aroma that they would be looking for, sweet? For sure!  So, I suppose what i’m getting at is, just enjoy the basic stuff, why doll it all up when you that the natural sweetness is just hiding behind it all.




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