Baking…Therapeutic for Me…Kari B.

5 09 2008

With my education almost done at CHIC, I have found that I exceeded well in most of my classes. I have learned things that are important if you are planning your career in the cooking field. But where I seem to have the most ease and comfort is in baking. I took 2 baking classes at CHIC and enjoyed them very very much! I have always been way into baking and when I bake I have a sense of relaxation and I really feel totally comfortable in whatever recipe I am working on.                                                                     

Growing up, my aunt had always involved me, my sister and my cousin in some really fun baking stuff. She still makes a million different kinds of cookies around Christmas time. I think maybe that is where I started to enjoy it. In high school I was “that girl” who made cookies for the football players, made cupcakes for my friends for their birthdays or just made sure there was some type of baked goods always available in my house. I have continued to do these type of things for my friends and family and still today. I even brought a few of my baked goods to class at CHIC for birthdays and Valentines day. And the response is always….”Ohhh, this is so good!” I enjoy making people happy with my cakes, cookies, cupcakes, ect. It also is a real sense of accomplishment on my part. So, when praised for my mad baking skills, I know that for a mintute I have made somebody feel really good!




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