Nathaniel P. – Mojito

4 09 2008

There is a lot of confusion as to when or where the Mojito Beverage originated.  Some say it was created in China in the 1800’s.  Others say it has a history that dates as far back as the 1500’s.  The most recently documented information is pirates and swashbucklers introduced this drink to Cuba as they sailed through.  One pirate in particular  was Richard Drake of England.  He originally named the drink, “El Drake”, (the Dragon).

I chose this drink because it’s refreshing, easy to make and sexy in the right atmosphere.  I was never a rum drinker until I saw the commercial for Barcardi featuring the Mojito.  It looked exactly like a good one tastes.  Everyone can’t make a good Mojito, but when you find the perfect one, when all the flavors are balanced, you will not want anything else to drink.

It effects the industry because when people actually see how it’s made, they get curious.  If you put the drink into a property frosted glass it looks very refreshing.  Then you have the Mojito commercial, where the pretty and sexy lady is ordering one at the bar and the dashing bartender is serving the drink.  When ever you have a beautiful woman advertising liquor, it will soon become a trend.  Everyone loves beautiful women and popular rappers, they can make anything a trend.

This trend does not effect me presently, except when I’m drinking a few of them.  I know in the future it will since I will be going into the hospitality business.  At one time or another I am going to have to pay attention to trends if I want to make money serving customers drinks.  That goes for any trendy mixed drink.




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