Josh C.

2 09 2008

  this blog is my first blog ever and decided to make it short and to the point.

Last Wednesday 8/29 Chef Tim instructed Les, Kraz, Kelsy, and myself to sit in on lunch service and critique everything from the service to the food.  Throughout the lunch, we noticed small discrepancies with the service.  One issue I noticed with the service was that our waiter disregarded the ” Ladies First” rule a few times but all in all the student performed quite well and the food was well prepared.  I chose the duck con fiet with the wild mushroom crepe.  I finished that up with the chocolate lava cake.  Both dishes were perfect in preparation and seemed to shadow any mistakes that might have occurred prior to it’s arrival.

   I think this was a beneficial exercise because it allowed myself and the others in my group to see how the public may perceive our class as a whole.  This was something I found to be important in our quest for perfection.




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