Hobby vs. Career, Joe Flamm

15 08 2008

Alot of people claim they like or love cooking and say they wish they could be a chef.  I think a big thing to realize is that being a chef is as much about loving cooking and the food as it is about loving the industry in which we work.  Its not a 9-5 job with weekends off and holiday vacations, its a late night, early morning lack of sleep driven industry that takes a certain amount of mental illness to enjoy.  Proffessional cooking is about spending 15 hours in a hot kitchen getting, pardon the expressions, but your shit pushed in, and waking up the next day aching to do it again, eagerly anticipating the rushes of the night.  Its very different to love to cook and sit at home and make a meal for the fam, not that it isn’t good or nice thing its just a different concept.  It seems many people came here on the concept that someone told them they were a good cook and they agreed and decided to become a chef.  I hope those people who didn’t really know what they were in for now realize as much as it is about passion and love, there is a lot more hardwork and determination in the makings of a great chef.




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