For the love of chic?

14 08 2008

Im now at the end of my carrier at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago: I must say over all a learned quit a bit. I’ve enjoyed working with all the chefs in the kitchen  and i’ve learned a lot from them. the chefs at chic not only tought me the basics and what their job required them to but life lessions to. they tought me to be confident and all ways give my all. the chefs was a big part of my success here at chic and will be for the rest of my life. as far as gen ed class I think a lot of them were unnessary and just another class to pay for. now that I’ve come to the end cafe? well I took back of the house first, which i really enjoyed and learned a lot from it. as far as front of the house go i could have done a lot better but i do fill igave and did more than i was given creidt for but I learned a lot from it and enjoyed the exprence. so long!




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