End of a school year, beginning of a new journey-Sarah Schmidt

14 08 2008

    As today marks the end of our one year journey through culinary arts school, everyone will be starting a journey. Some know exactly where they want to go in this industry, and some haven’t really found their niche yet. As for myself, I believe that passion and the undying strive to always be better and go the extra mile will get me where I want to be. Here is my plan for, roughly, the next five years or so.

   Well, I think my creativity expanded and flourished in our contemporary class, where my “cuisine” was swayed from french to nouvelle to american continental. That is the cuisine where I think everything comes together for me and I am able to really put dishes together on all levels and have a damn good time doing it. So to continue, upon my graduation from CHIC, I will be doing my externship at the restaurant I have been employed at for the last few months; Wilde Restaurant in Lakeview. I have learned a lot from the chef and given great opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience there. I plan on riding out the externship at Wilde, and then around the first of the year, setting the bar higher and aiming for a job at a restaurant along the likes of BlackBird, actually BlackBird would probably be my first choice. Wherever it is, it must be a step higher than the restaurant I am at now. Although I would love to climb the ladder at whatever restaurant I am at, its not really my main goal. My goal for the next 6 months to a year is just to work my butt off and get as much experience as possible. Eventually, within the next year to two years, I plan on going to europe. Length of stay completely undetermined. I believe that these next few years are extremely important to me in the sense of shaping and honing my skills, experience and just becoming as well rounded as i can before i can really go in for the kill in this industry. So, as for europe, my plan is to go to a country, mostly any country, and work in a kitchen that is completely authentic and true to the cuisine of this country, and learning everything possible about the country and cuisine, no short-cuts. Then, when “mastered” (although it is an almost impossible term, but for lack of a better word) or satisfied, move to a completely unrelated country and do the same thing. And so on and so on until I feel fulfilled and ready. And then, the wind only knows. I am very determined, but shy away from planning my life too thoroughly, being as tomorrow something could happen that would change them once again.  Whether I return to the states, or find some amazing position in some other country, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that I will be in some position of leadership, for the only purpose of being able to create food how I want it, and letting my creativity and passion for food flourish. So, in a vague and slightly “up in the air” nut-shell, that is my plan for the next few years.




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