Drop it at the door By Susie W.

14 08 2008

We all walk through the same door way in the morning and have or end up dealing with totally different life experiences outside of a kitchen. No one can sit and tell you to just forget all about your problems because five times out of ten no one wants to hear such a thing. Although problems come along the way it can affect your working ability. Everyone even the head Chef in the kitchen may go through some bad times, but it’s our own jobs to just leave all of our problems at the door, instead of bring it in the kicthen.

It not the best thing to work in the back of the house or in the front of the house and take everything out on customers or other staff member because all this does is cause every one else to pick up a negative attitude. Especially if you are serving or a manger, the customer see your face first and you have no choice but to put on your smile. Give positive attitude and body language because this all plays apart with good service. Being in the back of the house is just as hard to not show signs of a negative attitude. The chef is continually yelling at you to get food up when called or the dishes you produce are falling apart, or maybe even your dish receives poor feed back. This is where you take a moment to brush it off, take a quick break and change your day around.

A lot of people don’t notice that when they have attitudes they express it through what they are doing. If you are working in the kitchen you may even notice when some of your classmates tend to have an argument, they begin yelling and trying to get there food done, they find themselves chopping up things not even thinking about they fingers, or getting frustrated. Just take the time to even tell them or yourselves let me take a quick break to cool off or go clear your head. Remember the attitude you have when producing something shows up in your work.




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