Consumers Get To Choose Tim S

13 08 2008

                     Organic foods are all around us. Do they supply any extra heath benefits to us than inorganic foods? Studies show that organic food is better to eat than inorganic food. In organic foods the nutritional levels of the certain crop is 10-20 percent higher than the conventional crop. When looking at the nutritional value differences between the two, organic is superior in every single way. The problem with organic food is that it is very expensive to buy and most common household families do not have the extra money to buy it. That is why inorganic food is a nice alternative. Organic foods do not use and chemicals or pesticides so they will loose a lot of their crop to bugs and plant disease. A lot of studies show that organic has 10-20 percent less toxins on the foods that inorganic foods, but they have never proven that inorganically grown foods have been harmful to the consumer. Any chemical residue on fruits and vegetables pose a very small heath risk especially if consumers wash the produce before eating it. Also, a recent study from Johns Hopkins has shown that there are no significant health benefits between organic foods and inorganic foods. 




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