Submitted by Victoria Brown

12 08 2008

The world was once known as a mans world. From that time it is stuck in the males head that they need to always plan a dominant role. In many work fields that has changed dramaticaly, in others not so much. Women has flourished in this world beyond what many expectations were. We are supposed to stay at home, clean, and take care of the kids. As we dont hold it against women that do this, this is not the case anymore. We have taken the steps to make a life for ourselves and not rely on a man to take care of us. It may sound like im attacking the opposite sex, dont take it that way. I have choosen my career path for many reasons. My father was a Chef for 15years, we have owned restaurant and banquets halls before I could even walk. Most of m learning were the front of the house but I can still remember the day,like it was yesterday, that the craziness of the kitchen is where I wanted to be. You cant beat a 175 degree kitchen even on your hottest day. I am a very dominant woman and believe that if I want somthing I need to get it myself, which is the reason I am here. Although after a year of attending CHIC I feel I havent learned nearly enough and I wouldnt mind another 15months if it meant I was going to be able to absorb more information, although i have realized you must be in an actual kitchen to gain the information. Ever since classes have started me and many other girls have had to work twice as hard to do what we love to do. Most think of us as being “bitching” or “hormonal” , this is not the case, we get little to no respect in the kitchen. This is not everyone, many treat us like equals and take our opinions and stand behind decisions we make. Many women respect the fact that the culinary indusry, besides pastry is what a man should be doing. I strongly disagree, I have become a very strong person and a leader since beginning at CHIC. I have had to deal with a large amount of harassment, verbal abuse as well as many other things, but If you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen. I have seen many rise and fall since being here, friends have become enemys as well as enemys becoming friends. I am looked at as another women trying to be somthing I am not suppost to be and someone to be walked all over. You see most women on The Food Network or as servers, ive decided to not become another statistic. I can handle the line, expo, serving, and taking care of any problems that may occur, thats on a bad day. If there’s a problem I will find a solution. The men that have tryed to break me down, or thing that the harassment will only make me fall, I would like to thank them for pushing me to want to be great and giving me my tough skin. Some of the Chef’s at CHIC have also made me want to be great, listening to there storys of what they have seen, whats to be learned, and what its really like to be in the industry have been my biggest encouragement. Only spending 3 weeks with some of these chefs, in my opinion, is not nearly enough time to pick there brains. I have learned a great deal from attending culinary school, and not all about cooking and thats what I like the most. Although this started out as a sexist speech about the lake of respect and blah blah, Its made me believe that things do happen for a reason, and even though I have not worked in a resturant that my parents havent owned, I have done every single thing possiable in the establishments, From bussing tables, to signing contracts, to working the dish stations. CHIC as molded me into being a valuable addition to any team I may join, or any team I may run somday.




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