(Non) Humanistic Evolution in Food – Gregory S.

1 08 2008

For millions of years, we as humans have lived of the same ideas and thoughts that we have to feed on the same raw or over-cooked piece or beef, chicken or pig. Through the years we have been undertaking evolution. You’d think that because of this, we would change our value about the types of food, but because of mass marketing and constant brainwashing, most of the everyday people still show no compassion towards animals and are drawn to eating them as it were going out of style. I can see the cave-man not having the knowledge about or tools to change their ways, but we are not living in those days any more. Call me alien for thinking outside of the box, but we really need to realize that we are burning this planet out and yes, it lasted us this long, but how much further are we willing to stretch resources that we are running short on.

It seems strange to me that people complain about how the price of food has gone up. Yes, I know it’s directly related to the oil “crisis”, but that’s a different post. I’ve never been a hardcore thinker, but in a situation like this, it seems pretty obvious to me that we can solve this problem if the ideas of vegetarianism and veganism were more wide spread and not just some “hole in the wall idea”. While attending culinary school, I learned a lot more about food and it’s concepts such as umami, and for all the time spent here, I would of thought that vegetarianism would be talked about more. But during all this, I realized that most people are not willing to break away from the norm. So for those of you that do, I salute you in your search for truth and struggle of love and compassion. Semper Fidelis!!




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