wheres it goin…$up$ Jeremy. T

26 07 2008

Where is food going in America? It is going expensive. Real expensive. I personally think that with food and wine becoming a more talked about topic in the social scene of America, restaurateurs as well as Chefs are looking to make it big for themselves by creating a place that you can not leave without dropping a few hundred dollars.

Now granted the ingredients may be the freshest, most organic, produce and protein available, it also may not be. I think that price has become too much of a deciding factor for most people. They think that because it is really expensive, it has to be good. And maybe it’s a placebo in that there paying 70 dollars for a plate that how ever it tastes, that’s what good tastes. Or maybe there just too embarrassed to say that it was bad and wasting what could have been half a months rent on dinner.

I understand that a 4 star restaurant is going to be expensive and that in this industry we would rather cater to people with that kind of money because they keep us in business, but at the same time these 4 star restaurants are the ones who pay their cooks the least, and again I understand why. I mean work for trotter for a year at minimum wage and your chances of getting a new job with that on your resume is pretty good. But it just seems like if you don’t already have a bunch of money you cant do that, how are you supposed to pay rent, loans, and everything else making that kind of money?

I think what I am getting at is that high dining whether it be working in or eating at seems to be a little weighed for rich people, and i really hope its not permanent. I want to be able experience amazing food and not have to decide if I want to eat anything else in the month, I think its just unnecessary for restaurateurs to be so greedy.




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21 07 2009
Dina L

I have eaten both at high end restaurants and street food and I think that when fresh ingredients are used wisely, it works regardless of price. My 35th birthday at The French Laundry was terrific: fine wine, rabbit, risotto with shaved black truffle, exquisite dessert. But then so is my mother’s peppers and eggs in olive oil, parsley and garlic with a crusty loaf of simple bread. Pickled cherries with celery and cloves in Los Angeles were wonderful, but so are the unadorned Rainier cherries from the Davis Farmers’ Market. Though it’s nice to sit and savor a meal with all the accoutrements, when I am disappointed at a high-end restaurant, I can’t help feeling like a character from The Emperor’s New Clothes – both indulgent and foolish.

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