Future of Food in America-Matthew S.

26 07 2008

There was a time in this country when food was rigid and somewhat plain boring. As portrayed in the movie we saw in class, Big Night, we see that even now common place food like risotto was once misunderstood and unappreciated by the American diner. Previously, food and eating, in general, was more of a perfunctory task rather than an enjoyable, social experience. With the advent of restaurants and “eating out,” food took on a new persona and people began eating for pleasure and consequently became more willing and open to try new things. Many decades later, it is obvious that eating out has now become not the exception, but rather the norm. More people today eat out on a regular basis than they do cook for themselves at home. And this is a positive trend for people going out to establish a career in the food service industry.

It may be the most exciting time ever to be in the culinary arts field. Back in the day, a chef was a servant and thought to be of a lower class. However, today chefs are celebrities and their opinions are sought after and respected. What once was a lowly job has now become an impressive one. Many people simply cannot cook and so in today’s society those that can are esteemed. I believe that this attitude about the culinary arts and the people who work the long hours needed to provide a few hours of enjoyment to diners across the country will continue as such.




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