Is Veg the right way to go? Belinda C.

25 07 2008

So everyone knows that there are all these culinary trends and what not and how they’re supposed to enhance this industry or whatever, but is going vegetarian; or veg for short the right way to go? Some say yes and other just laugh at the fact. A couple of years ago I became a vegetarian when I went to the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, and there they had a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) tent promoting the anticruelty of animals and so on. They convinced me to sign up by showing me a video of KFC farmers slaming and throwing their chickens against walls and how other farmers would slaughter their cows and pigs. At that point seeing that really made me see things in a different perspective and it really grossed me out. When I came to CHIC I had to stop the whole vegetarianism thing because it was hard for me not to eat meat.

So anyway this industry right now is starting to have more and more upcoming vegetarian, eco friendly and organic restaurants but I doubt that their food is as good as a restaurant that serves meats and dairy products. So basically going veg is an insult to the culinary world because vegetarians have their mind set that all farmers torture and kill their animals the “wrong way” but in reality thats only a tiny percentage and most farmers have their “right way” of killing animals for food; for example kosher meats. So I think it all depends if veg is the right way to go in this industry; it could be because you love animals way too much, you just don’t like the taste of meat or just because you like eating grassy foods…I honestly don’t care if it’s the right way to go.




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