Homesick for Good Food By Alexis C.

24 07 2008

I thought that moving to Chicago would introduce me to all these great new flavors and that I would find all these new interesting restaurants. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened. I’m not sure if I’ve just been brought to the wrong places or I’m just picky (which I don’t think is the case because I’m pretty much open to eating anything), but I haven’t been too impressed. The people I’ve meet here have brought me to some places. Some of them a little on the high end side which I’m not really a fan of, because great food doesn’t have to cost you $100 a meal. They were good but not spectacular, and the food to me, is basically chain restaurant food done up pretty. Yes I’m sure if I went to Frontera or Primehouse I would have a fantastic meal, but really chances are right now that I can’t afford it. I’ve gone to most of the pizza joints here, and I’m sorry I know this is blasphemous to some people, but I’m not a big fan of Chicago Deep Dish. If I wanted that much sauce, I’d open a bottle of marinara and drink it that way, and I’ve yet to be impressed by any of the sauces on the one’s I’ve tried. I’ve tried to stay away from any of the really trendy spots and eat at local favorites, and I have found a few good places, but I was expecting more.

I guess its hard when you come from a state that is so mixed with so many cultures that provide great food. In Houston alone we have great Mexican (traditional and tex-mex), German, Asian (of all kinds), Italian, and of course Southern and BBQ. I’ve even had better pizza there then anywhere else in the states (and I’ve traveled quite a bit). And its not huge restaurants that have these great foods. Their small family runned places, that take a lot of pride in what they do, and at the same time are really affordable.

I also miss road trips to the middle of nowhere to eat even better BBQ or my one of my favorites, chicken fried steak. And I also love the fact that even though the sate is really into meats (both grilled and fries) the major cities of the state have great vegetarian restaurants and a lot of them too. I’ve gone to a few here, but its hard to find them, and I’m not the only one who thinks that way. A native Chicagoan and I had a conversation about vegetarian restaurants, and he agreed that its hard to find them here. He even commented that he really wanted to go to Austin cause its filled with them, which is true, Austin is loaded with vegetarian restaurants (must be all the hippies). I’m not a vegetarian, but great vegetarian food is really impressive to me because if you can make a bunch a veggies taste unbelievable, that’s talent. I know its probably me just being probably just being homesick, but that feeling never really happens to me when I’m away. I guess it takes leaving some place to really appreciate what you had, even if it is food.




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