TeleFood.. FoodVision? Tonya C.

21 07 2008

People all over the world are tuning in day after day to see what new dishes famous chefs like Anthony Bourdain, Rachel Ray, Mario Batalli, and Bobby Flay are creating in the kitchen. With reality shows almost dominating the television airwaves (at least it seems like it), people of all professions and backgrounds seem to have taken an interest in food that really hasn’t been seen before. Countless numbers of people I encounter on a daily basis confess how they spend hours in front of the television watching the Food Network and shows like Top Chef and Hells Kitchen. What does that mean for the direction that food is headed? I believe that as the popularity of food increases so does the amount of people that are going to forgo other conventional ways of earning a living and do what I did, go to culinary school! With the number of Culinarians aka Foodies increasing so does the opportunities for new restaurants, new food concepts and fresh new ways to do what iconic chefs like Julia Childs did in her time.

The escalating number of new culinary hopefuls has shown its mark already. Numerous new restaurants miraculously appearing in cities all over the world. The old idea of just plain good ole food with tried and true flavor combinations just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. With so many new talented chefs vying for recognition and a way to set themselves apart why should it be the same? More restaurants mean more competition.

As a way to break into such a competitive field most chefs now concentrate on more than the flavor of the food; the flavor being of utmost importance but only one piece of the puzzle. The visual appearance of the food, the unique flavor combinations and balance of the total dish, accompanied by the atmosphere of the restaurant and the service are becoming increasingly imperative.




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