Sliders who would have known Bobe1

21 07 2008

Who would have known that the slider would be reinvented eighty-eight years after Bill Ingram and partner Walter Anderson first introduced them to the American public. In Wichita, Kansas September 13, 1921 two men founded what we know as White Castle. It was to be known as the first fast food estalishment in the United States. When Ingram and Anderson first opened the business there was a novel that was published in 1906 about the santitation practices in the meat packing industry. Most Americans were very wry about eating ground beef. But they were out to change the minds of the American public by first establishing a white building that gave the illusion of purtity, the corner tower is said to represent the Chicago Water Tower that stands on Michigan Ave. Ingram got the idea on a recent trip to Chicago. Since then it became fast food history. The Slyder was then officially trademarked in 1940. The burger on a square bun with ground beef and onions, became very popular and the business became very successful.

David Burke, named Chef of the year in several prominent publications, was recently nominated as Best Chef, New York City by the James Beard Foundation. On December 6, Burke and Donatella Arpaia a former attorney turned restaurateur is not only a food expert but a successful business women, assisted in opening Burke Bar Cafe in Bloomingdale’s, in New York. He is known for avant-garde presentations such as fried foie-gras lollipops and salmon pastrami, now included the Burke slider prepared with Creekstone beef it is cooked the say way a White Castle slider. Since then other Chefs have taken on the task of creating similar product. In Louisville, Ky Corbett’s Executive Chef Chris Howerton is preparing his version using Kobe beef with mustard and truffled sweet potato frities. Exceutive Chef Regan reik at Pier W, states that ” He trys to stay with culinary trends and that Kobe is known to be the best, also that anything small and cute sell as well”. The sliders have a 20% food cost an 8oz burger has a 25% food cost making the sliders a top appetizer. In Chicago the Luxbar offers a buttermilk fried chicken slider with bacon, filet mignon, or turkey burger. Slider are being prepared with gourmet meats, fish even vegan style. So next time your having a couple of friends over for cocktails leave that french dip and potato chips on the grocery shelf and impress them with your own style of Slider.




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