Sauce for thought by Shaun M.

17 07 2008

I have a dream and that is to open my restaurant with the concept of serving steaks with a sauce. I will not permit A1 to be served in my restaurant. Have you ever been to a fine dining steak house and the steak was cooked to perfection but it didnt have that wonderful flavor that you so wanted to enjoy? I have and the chef forgot to put salt and pepper on the steak, so why not serve the steak with a mouthwatering sauce, wether it be sweet, sour, or sweet and sour, minty, creamy, as long as it goes with the concept. I have been experimenting with making sauce after sauce at home for my family and this will be my future restaurant concept, steaks and sauces.




One response

18 09 2008
derek desroches

An actual fine dining restaurant wouldn’t forget to season steak, and it was a line cook not a chef cooking the food. The only restaurants I’ve been that didn’t serve sauce on a steak were Outback or Chili’s. Pick a better restaurant. Stay away from the pompous “to good for sauce” steak houses also, if their steak is so good it will be complimented and uplifted by a classic sauce (meaning demi glace variations not A1)

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