Course or Dollar Menu, which one will you choose. Matt K

16 07 2008

Where is food or for that matter cuisine headed in the United States, tuff to say but in my opinion there are two sides that continue to vie for Americans hearts. On the one side we see great leaps being taken to help ourselves to eat in what we perceive is better for us in a sense that natural is better. In my personal opinion I stand on this side with other culinary professionals as well as purest that believe food in its natural habit for the most part has brought us this far so why try and tinker and toy with it. But we also must analyze the other side of this issue that gives the people what they perceive, they want. We as Americans want everything and we do not want to wait for it, this is seen everywhere in a culture from losing weight to second by second news feed, many Americans see food as just a source of fuel, that is to be inhaled rather than enjoyed. Many “on the go” people that can afford nice restaurants just do not have the time to eat a course menu, so they opt for the dollar menu instead. Many in the culinary profession may not want to admit this but in my opinion the majority of our clientele is out not to experience and appreciate our food but rather for an unrelated celebration or to try something different. We as Chefs have to compete not only with each other for a place in the culinary world but also with giant corporations which products are getting significantly better with time. In summation I feel that American is a stall mate on one side Chefs such as Grant Achatz and on the other Monsieur Boyardee, only time will tell who will be victorious.




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