Front of the House by Josh M.

27 06 2008

Would I rather be in the back of the house hacking away at a whole pig with a set of sharp knives next to me, yes. But I believe that the Front of the House, for my first time, was a good experience and has given me another skill to help me be successful in this industry. Coming into this class I knew and had seen what were some of the proper ways to handle service but did not know all the details. From setting the table properly, serving from the right and clearing from the left, setting proper silverware at the right times, feeling out your table, possible doing things for your table before they even ask, position numbers keeping water glasses full at all times, even picking up little straw wrappers and definetly no farting in front of the guest!

Its benefiting to involve yourself into every part of the restaurant, to better understand how it all comes together to create a successful restaurant. Washing dishes, inventory, front of the house, back of the house, taking out the garbage, working the bar. I feel if your not stubborn and want to bust ass by involving yourself in everything in the restaurant, not just cooking, you will be more humble and successful in this industry.

Congrats everybody and good luck to you! This year went by really fast, probably because this industry/culture is so badass and there is so much interesting knowledge. Maybe the green door had a little something to do with the passage of time, haha. By the way Luke and I dominated in beer pong last night.




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