class by Hector.G

27 06 2008

In class i figure out that being in a restaurant working the back of the house you have to be quick and love what your doing and have fun doing it. Which is true i love what i do its fun, exciting and enjoyable. I never get tired of it your always on your feet and you keep moving which is the best. I’m one of those people that has to be moving and loves life that’s what this industry is about having the sense of urgency to move and that food is what gives us all life. the best thing is life and live it to the fullest.

That’s what my grandfather told me and my parents. But also they said if your going to live it to the fullest do it safe and knowledgeable because you got so much to love for. which is true as well there are some people that do it stupid when they know they could be something great. I’m glad that i made the right cause i know i could of been something horrible and a bad influence on the people i love. I’m showing good examples for my brother, my family and friends. Which I’m proud to say i love what i do and i love life and I’m glad that i made the chooses i made.




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