Chataigne by Zamir B

26 06 2008

As a whole the Chataigne was a good starting point for being in the culinary industry, I had a great time in the front and the back of the house. The back of the house was nothing new but i has good learning how to put food out with a wide cast of people producing food at the same time, because where I work at now is totally different. Chef Fuente did a great job of trying to give us a good look at how the industry will be in a find dining restaurant. I think I learned a lot of new a valuable things from just being in the back of the house.

The front of the house was the biggest challenge for me because I’m really not a people person because I can be shy at times. To tell the truth I think that I under estimated myself and I think I did a great job of serving tables for the most part. Now I know that if put in the situation I could be a good enough server to please customers. I surprised myself by being able to go and talk comfortably to people I didnt know. Tim gave us alot of good pointers to use if we ever are interested in becoming front of the house workers. The whole cafe experience was helpful and now its time to take the skills that we learned in steer them towards the industry.




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