Legal Foie Gras by Stacey L

20 06 2008

Chicago City Counsel repealed it ban of Foie Gras by a vote of 36-6 after a two year stance. A news blog at the site called the ban the reason for making Chicago and its city counsel a “national laughingstock.” (Mihalopoulos 1) Now restaurants around the city are using this delicacy in their dishes.

Not unlike the rest, we experienced foie gras at Boka when we visited. Their chicken dish described as, “Chicken Breast, farroto, haricot verts, carrots, foie gras sauce,” came out elaboratedly plated. (Menu, Entrees, The foie gras sauce gave the dish a very earthy element. The texture was smooth and creamy; and pared well with the farrotto and chicken. Over all the dish was delicious, agreed upon by our whole table. Never would this experience been possible unless the ban had been lifted this May.

There are still many people who object the removal of the ban, and the debate is still a heated one; as PETA is far from ready to let this one go. But for now, restaurateur’s such as Didier Durand of Cyrano’s Bistro and Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s celebrate. They will be able to again put some of their best dishes back on the menu. Chicago finally leaves its food to the professionals, right where it should be.

Mihalopoulos, Dan. “City Counsel Reverses Foie Gras Ban.” ChicagoTribune.Com. 14 May 2008. 19 June 2008

Mihalopoulos, Dan, and Mark Caro. “Chicago Repeal Foie Gras Ban.” ChicagoTribune.Com. 15 May 2008. 19 June 2008 <,0,471640.story&gt;.




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