Wine Pairings by Jen W.

7 06 2008

Last Tuesday Chef Tim, Chef Bill, and Chef Danielle hosted a wine and food pairing day for our class. One of the most important lessons I learned was that more money does not always make the better wine…or at least not the better wine pairing. One of my favorite pairings of the evening was a very basic white zinfandel with bacon-wrapped dates. Chef Danielle told us that at wholesale prices, a restaurant could buy one bottle for three dollars and sell each class for seven dollars! I know that if I owned a restaurant, I would definitely be pushing that wine.

On the other hand, one of my least favorite pairings was an old (1997) red wine paired with the albondingas (meatballs). The wine had a very musty and potent flavor to me. I thought it overpowered the meatballs a lot and it was very difficult to drink. I don’t remember if she told us the price, but it was worth much more than $3. That wine would create nothing but a loss in a restaurant.

I will take Chef Danielle’s advice with me as I enter the professional culinary world: money doesn’t buy happiness, and it certainly doesn’t buy well-matched wine pairings.




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