Pairing wine with food

7 06 2008

When pairing wine with food there are different things you should be aware of, what country was inspired by the food, the taste of the food, and compare and contrast of the food and the wine. If you have a food item that was prepared Russian style or Greek style you might want to pair it with a wine for that country. If you have vegetables that go well with your entree  you might want to pair that dish with a wine with the same flavors or a wine that will enhance the flavor of the vegetables, it also goes the same way with fruit as well.

Some people have difficulties pairing wine with seafood, be it is very simple pair it with a champagne, because of the bubbles it goes well with items for the sea that seems really strange but it works. Also when eating spicy foods you might want to find a wine that will give you a good coating in your mouth from all the spices, or when eating a lot of fatty and starchy foods you can pair that with a wine that will help cut through hat as well. Mouth feel is the most important thing to look for when choosing the perfect wine for you entree, you do not want to drink a wine that will make your mouth even more spicier when eating spicy foods or make you feel like you have a mouthful of fat when eating fatty foods that just don’t taste right.

If you are still skeptical of what type of wine to purchase with what ever type of food you are preparing just try some wine you don’t know about instead of the wine you do. If you are not a big wine drinker the you can follow the same rules for beer or spirits, but just be careful because these items are of a higher alcohol content level. If you like a certain year, like a younger wine then try the same wine but in a older year, or try the same wine that you normally drink but from a different country or region it never hurts to try you just might like it.

My name is Rochelle Robinson and i am trying to improve my knowledge on wine so I hope some of my notes was helpful in any way.




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