service with and without the p.o.s system by Danielle k.

6 06 2008

Now relizing what we call the “POS” system, is actually really easier to use and comprehend. To start off, all us servers had was our tickets, which can get pretty hectic for the people in the back especially when dealing with tapas. With our tickets, everything would be coming out all at once and when we ran out of room on the tables, we were still trying to cram more food on them. Now having the computer, it has helped us out so much and kept things more organized.

If i were to have to choose between tickets and computer, I think the computer is great when having to deal with multi-course meals, like tapas, and that tickets are great to use when all we have is three courses or so. I know now that when there are more than 25 people with tapas orders it gets really hectic really fast unless there is organization and teamwork going on.

When all of us in the front started out we were a group of people, but now because of the experiences we are having, we are now a team of unique individuals.




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