Service by Jon Sekulovski

6 06 2008

I find it very interesting how important service is in our society and how much it has evolved.  Before starting the cafe I never realized how difficult a server’s job could actually be.  It is definalty more then just taking a food order.  In going through our handouts and readings, I enjoyed learning about the different types of service.  One, American Service, is a popular type used, and is used in high volume restaurants.  It is all about efficiency, and is casual.  The food is cooked and plated in the kitchen, and is delivered by a server, or waiter.  Another type of service I learned about is French Service, which is very different then American Style service.  With the French style, the food is already on the table when the guest enters the room, and when the courses changed, the guest has to get up and leave while the table is cleared and a new course is brought in.  I definalty prefer the American style.  Finally, another type of service that I have experienced before, and also am not a fan of is Family Service.  Family Service is when you sit down, and basically help yourself to the food in front of you.  There are a lot of perks to this type of serive though.  From a servers point of view, it is easier to take the order, and it is also easier to deliver.  Once they get the platters, there is not much else to worry about. 




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