Restaraunt inadequacies Jason Garcia

15 05 2008

I often try to do some colonary expedititions but I find it very hard to do on a consistant basis. Do to the fact I can rarley get the same dish twice when I order the same dish. I have eaten at the same mexican restaruant for seven years and if I don’t know what day it is all I have to do is walk in and order a burrito. I have to remember to take into consideration that not the same person will be preparing the food all day, there are shift changes and days off , and vacations don’t I ? If it is a stable dish on the menu wouldn’t be the same recipe or do I have to worry about how the chef is feeling that day is he mad his wife is Having the inlaws over while they fumigate thier home, more salt or is he feeling lazy the meat taste like water. I just think there needs to be more accuracy with dishes especially if you need to attian a reputation.




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