Horse meat…do you like it? by Augusto Faracini

15 05 2008

Men have been eating horse since the Paleolithic Era, but due to the role that this animal has played in the societies of the eras that came after, it is often considered a “Class B meat”; today, especially in English-speaking countries, eating horse meat remains a taboo.

The nutritional value of horse meat justifies the argument to start eating more of it: it contains much less fat than beef, comparable to lamb and pork; it has no cholesterol; it is also well-known as an extraordinary source of iron. Horse meat is also a remarkably safe food to eat, as it has a natural defense against bacterial development—lactic acid, which is present in quantities two or three times greater than that found in the meat of other butcher meats.

The distinctive characteristics of horse meats are the dark red color and the delicate taste. In cooking, tradition recommends to sauté it and to always cook it with wine. If not, it is better to eat uncooked, as in carpaccio. The most well known manifestation of horse meat is bresaola, which is a sliced meat made of thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, salt, pepper, cloves and juniper.




One response

8 01 2010

When living and touring in Europe I eat horse meat several times. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, it filled me p but I really didn’t like it’s texture or what I considered a strong unfamiliar flavor.

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