Service By Darlene Coleman

25 04 2008

When I got up into the cafe I did not know what to expect, so i just played it off cool. I never serve a day in my life so I the time I did was in the cafe and I was nervous. But as the days went by I got more comfortable with it and also got more relaxe to.

Being a server is a very hard job, but once you know what to do than you will not have no problems with it. Chef Ziegler taught me what i needed to know and service. Example: When you serve someone there food, you serve the person there food with your right hand at all times.

Being in the front of the house was a great experience for me, because I never knew once you get into the habit of serveing people that you will then have fun doing it. Chef Ziegler is a wonderful chef, I will recommand him to anyone who ask and if they ask about him I will tell the person that Chef Ziegler taught me what I needed to know and he is a great chef.




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