My Education By Darlene Coleman

22 04 2008

I really have experience a lot while here at C.H.I.C. The chefs here have taught me different cooking techniques and different plating styles. I even learned the different types of wines and what types of food go with it. While here at C.H.I.C.  the chefs and the staff here have gave me some great advice, so when I get out there in the real world I will be ready for it. 

While here at C.H.I.C. it really taught me that I can accomplished any thing I put my mind to doing. I have had the best chefs in each and ever class that I have went to, from culinary skills one up to being into the cafe. All the chef here at C.H.I.C. knows a lot when it comes to cooking a certain dish, they also know all about the cooking techniqes that comes alone with it.

If I could stay here a little bit longer which I know I can’t I will tell every one I know about how wonderful C.H.I.C is, and how good the chefs are to the students when it’s time to get the work done. The chefs here at C.H.I.C are really attentive when you need help with something. I am really going to miss this school because it taught me so much.




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