The hiring process, Joe A.

28 03 2008

I hear everyday, just in class, how serving takes no effort, at all. Which I agree with. The technical skills of serving could be taught to a monkey. The thing is, this hypothetical monkey would be better than, rough estimate, 65% of all food service wait staff.

My issue is that service requires a lot more than people think, and I personally think everyone from the counter people at mcdonald’s to as high up as you want to take this, should undergo at least a moderately more intensive interview process. The whole concept behind “Hire the smile, Train them later” is more or less a pretty good line of thought.

The problem with the suggested 65% of wait staff is that these people are inherently drama-seeking, miserable people. This is why when you work as a server, a good majority of your co-workers spend their downtime complaining about unruly customers. Common subject matter, everyone can share stories, and you can keep making your day seem as terrible as you want it to be. It’s more of a psychological trait to be able to shrug all that aside, and realize their just trying to enjoy themselves, and the right person would be more than happy to aid customers in enjoying their time spent at the restaurant you work at. They have simple surveys that are 10-15 questions long, which do a pretty good job at judging your personality. throw that into an interview, and you’re one step closer to having a better staff.

Sure, its minimum wage, especially at counter jobs where you dont get tipped (i.e. fast food) where you see a lot of miserable people being employed. I would rather see inexperienced high school kids earning disposable income at a Wendy’s than a late 20’s, 30’s or older employee who does not give the first thing about your enjoyable experience, because unlike these older employees, will probably go somewhere in life. Or at least believe they’ll go somewhere and have a positive, happier outlook on life, which in turn gives you that happier service.




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