Post #2 by Joe A.

28 03 2008

So I just posted a blog about training servers that just kind of dead ended as I rambled on about wait staff. I’m going to turn the cards and try and actually make some kind of point in this one, maybe. How many of you have seen the movie “Waiting”? The sap story of a group of nobodies stuck in a TGI Friday’s sort of spin-off. The plot is non-existant and its just shitty customer after shitty customer, and then the movie ends with some kid realizing he’s a nobody and wants to change it, Awwwww.

Anyways, I just want to know when the fingers turned and started pointing at the customers. If you read my previous post, and possibly my comment on Frank’s first entry, you might know where this is going.

How many times have you gone out to a restaurant, and may this be a little exaggurated, but feel something similar.. Scene one- As a kid, you go out to dinner with your entire family, and your Uncle, realizes his beef is terribly overcooked, flags down the waitress, and lets her know, politely or not, that his food is overcooked. You or somebody in you family (not your uncle) feel completely embarrassed because they had to say something to the waitress, and now she hates you. Scene two- A group of good friends goes out to dinner, and one of them is an asshole, pretty much the same scenario, only the friends try and talk them out of saying something to the waitress.

If anyone could enlighten me, why is there some sort of fear instilled in some people to not hassle a server if something is wrong. I’ve never asked a server for something extra without saying “Could I possibly get a ____, please?” yet, this is still frowned upon, and i am going to get my food spat in.

The title of my blog entry, is just a similar scenario, not at all, but similar concept. People inherently associate middle eastern people with terrorism, wether they admit to it or not, but I feel as if this same fear lay within some of us when we go out to eat. No, not that we’ll all get bombed, but piss off a server, and they’ll do whatever they please to your food without any sort of discourse, since we are at their mercy.

“How’s your food?”


“Can I get anybody something?”


Anything else and you’re inconveniencing your waiter. Well shit, I’m sorry, but I want my extra pickles. Takes two seconds and that’s why they’re there. I’m not the asshole, they forgot it the first time I ordered it.




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