Getting back to Reality. By:Dan Selig

27 03 2008

End of collage is near, and all of us are about to enter our externships. As i would hope most of us, unknowing of what to expect, are a little nervous. Sure most of us have worked in kitchens, and have succeeded. Only this to me is a little different. There are expectations to be ment with the Le Cordon Bleu stamp clearly seen on our foreheads as we walk in to the kitchen the very first day of the rest of our lives. Maybe it won’t hit us the first day of work, but when we hand that first worksheet to our mentor, asking him to evaluate us on our abilities and knowledge, I can be sure when I type this, my hands will be shaking, and my voice a little jumpy.

Talking with my future mentor these last few weeks have taken me from nervousness, to comfortability, back to nervousness. First being nervous just to talk to the guy over the phone, then being comfortable, then being nervous after a few phone calls, and him putting my job duties into a more clear view that I CAN understand. I’ll say right now I enjoy talking to customers/people, and also just reading them from a distance. I also enjoy cooking, it’s therapy for me, more so when it’s crunch time and you find your mind on several different tasks at once, it tends to lead me away from my problems outside the kitchen whether they are big or little. One thing I have learned about my self in the last couple weeks is that I don’t like serving people. I find my self putting on a fake smile, fake talk, and an I that is not at all me. My externship job duties include interacting with costumers while at work, but not actually serving them. Awesome. This is what makes me comfortable, the nervous part comes before, after, and in between. I’m being put into a position where i have to discipline, regulate, manage, and create. Sure i’ve done all, just not at once or to other co-workers. Mainly just to me and my own life. I have not worked in a restaraunt in the last 12 months aside from the cafe at school, havn’t been yelled at, drilled, or told that I would never make it in the industry, and thats what motivates me. I have refined alot of knowledge going to this school, made alot of friends, and built charachter that I didn’t know I have, but I haven’t been in a 6 hour rush in a year, nor have I pulled 70 hours in one week where I was constantly on the move multi-tasking, creating. I feel I lost something in the last 12 months, and I don’t know how long it will take to regain this, but I don’t have any regrets about my decission. It’s about time life started. I hope you all feel somewhat the same way as I do, about the carreer you have chosen.




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