Gabrielle Lampkins Which would you choose Chatainge or Avec?

27 03 2008

Avec is a very small but unique restaurant whose mission is to exceed in excellence. Avec is located in the west loop area of Randolph. The exact location is 615 W. Randolph. When we first arrived to the restaurant I was the first to go in, in when I went in I had no idea of which way to go, either up the stairs or to my right, my right it was.

      As I walked in the restaurant I analyzed it noticing everything about it. The smallness of the restaurant, the separation of the bar and the kitchen, the dining room, restrooms and the empty wine bottles in the wall.

      Although the restaurant is small I find it to be a comfortable relaxing place to be when you are with friends, family or by yourself. All in all I have to say that I really liked the restaurant. I like that it’s mainly wood décor and stainless steel along with the empty wine bottles in the wall. I’ve never been to a place like this before and I would love the pleasure of going back. Not only for the food which was amazing but to relax and enjoy myself while having a small or large plate, cheese and wine.

      From the small to the large plates, cheese board and a wonderful wine list I pretty much can say that I enjoyed myself. As we were sat at our table the server comes in put a plate with a napkin in it along with a dinner knife and fork in puts it in front of us, while he doing that the bartender is pouring water into some glasses for us and comes and sit them next to us. Tim has informed us that he has ordered one of every small plate and a bottle of white wine.

      Not only did we have one of every small plate but we also had large plates which were ordered by some of the students that were also there. Out of all the large plates only two didn’t get ordered. I really wanted to try the pork shoulder but I didn’t and now I wish I did, everyone that had tried it said it was very tender and full of flavor. I was overwhelmed with still eating because I’ve just eaten a lot and we also had a variety of cheese coming. I enjoyed every small and large plate. I’m not a fan of seafood and don’t eat it but the whole roasted fish and the cod was delicious. I know now I’m missing out on flavors of fish. Six cheeses from the cheese board were ordered and I can say that I really enjoyed all of it, the food, the wine, the cheese, the whole aspect of the restaurant.

      The service that we had is not like the service we do at school. Chatainge concept of the restaurant is to be fine dining. Avec is no fine dining but I like it. Everyday students switch positions of being the bartender, expediter, busser, server and manager. This is done so that we could get a feeling of how the front of the house works. We are to be dressed in all black with a tie, the servers at Avec wear their original clothes, and I had a little trouble of telling them apart.

      When our class start we are given our position for the day then begin polishing silverware, glassware, making tea and coffee, folding napkins, presetting tables until the manager of the day inform us on what tables are being sat at. When we preset the tables we lay a steak knife, fork, napkin and an unlit candle on the table; but when we sat the tables that are been sat at we lay the steak knife, fork, salad fork, tea spoon, butter plate, bread plate, butter knife, napkin, water glass and an unlit candle at the table until it’s service time then we fill the glasses with water and lite the candle.

      At Avec your food is brought to you on a hot object either it’s a hot plate or a small hot cooking wear that is sat in the middle of the table to where you put your food on your plate yourself. At Chatainge only plate that is on your table would be your bread plate and the rest of the food comes from the kitchen with your purchased order on it. As being servers both restaurant has some comparison, continually refilling glasses with water, I’ve notice that they keep your water glass full of half full and that day they had our glasses full of water. They also remove all dirty dishes and replace them with clean one, we do it as well but only with the silverware and glasses depending on what drink they are having and which silverware they have used that doesn’t go with their course of choice.

      At Avec I see that the staff works together and they know their daily routine. The same goes for the students at CHIC. On the level of service I think that Chatainge service is better than Avec service because we do so much different from Avec and because we are well organized on our concept of setting our dining room for the day’s service. Even though Chatainge has the best service I would go to Avec before going there because of their menu. You have a variety of things to choose from and Chatainge does not, some time they have the same thing everyday and you do get tired of eating the same thing when you don’t have much to choose from.




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