What happened? by Tony C.

26 03 2008

Lately, I have been exposed to many people that are surprised at how good the service is at the reataurant that I work. I feel flattered and weirded out all at the same time. I say to myself”Is the service at other places really that bad”. Then I think about most of the restaurants that I have been to and realize the answer to that question is yes. Almost every restaurant that I have been to in the last 2 years has given me poor service. Most the places that I go to are more local and familly oriented places, but to me that shouldn’t matter good service is good service. I honesty dont care what type of restaurant it is their is no excuse for bad service. Its not all about the food sometimes its also about the experience. I have had servers who would not come back to check on us for long periods of time with no remorse or explanation. I can understand someone who is training, but someone who been their for a while should know better. Its as if etiquette and professionalism is disappearing not only in the restaurant, but everywhere. I had an experience where I was just doing something simple as ordering a pizza on the phone and I heard the workers in the background acting loud and ignorant saying profane things as if they were at home. My question is What happened? Its as if many people dont care about providing people with a comfortable and pleasurable experience, its like they have the attitude of give me my money and leave. I shouldnt have to go to a five star restaurant or search 1000 miles to find a decent restaurant with at least ok service. I want what I pay for and thats not too much to ask. You should treat customers how you would want to be treated in a restaurant. Bottom line is that we all have off days, but In the end its the customers who keep this industry going without them we are nothing.




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